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This website is a personal website and is NOT sponsored by means of advertising or by any 3rd party, commercial or otherwise. My intention is to provide a resource where visitors may browse without the intrusion of unsolicited contact by spam, pop-up advertising or any other means generated by this website.

Personal Data:

The site's owner (Warwick Conway) is able to view the server log of visitor numbers (by date, time and IP address) provided by the site's hosting agent. Otherwise, this site does NOT collect, retain or distribute any information of a personally identifiable or any other nature about its visitors.


Vistors will not be redirected to other sites or view embedded material from other sites without knowingly agreeing to this. Linkage to other sites is provided by means of clearly notated and visible buttons, banners or hyperlinks for use by visitors at their own discretion. All such links require the visitor to actively request the linkage by means of a mouse click. Requested pages from other sites will generally open in a new window as will requested images and some supplementary pages within this site. The site's servers are configured to prevent and report unauthorised redirection to other sites. Note that the 'Blog' section of my site is a Wordpress site hosted independently of my main site. It will therefore attempt to leave a Wordpress cookie on your device and if you register (to post comments for example), you will then be subject to terms and conditions.

Pop-up Windows:

The site provides some optional content in supplementary windows. Some advisory alerts may appear by means of pop-up windows. There are NO pop-up adverts embedded in this site.


Other than the 'Blog' section (see redirection, above) this website does not use 'cookies' or save these to your hard drive. Other than the necessary caching of viewed pages, no files are stored on your device unless you expressly request downloadable material.

Email Contact:

Visitors who contact this website by e-mail using the Contact Form may receive a single brief acknowledgement by reply or else a response to a specific query. There are no automatically generated replies. The visitor's name and email address will not be retained, passed to any other party or used for any other purpose whatsoever.

You can obtain further details using the Contact Form.

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